Cedarburg WI Lawn Care and Snow Removal

Cedarburg WI Lawn Care and Snow Removal Service For Homes and Businesses

Quality Residential And Commercial Grounds Maintenance in Southern Ozaukee County

Based in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, Superior Outdoor Services is within easy range of Cedarburg, Grafton and nearby areas in southern Ozaukee County. Unlike some big franchise operations, we prefer to keep our business local.

Growing up in Milwaukee County’s North Shore area, owner Dan Frazin filled his piggy bank by mowing neighbors’ lawns over the summer. Unlike so many neighborhood kids, though, Dan was a bit of a perfectionist. It wasn’t long before the neighbors were fawning over his attention to detail and dependability—two qualities that live on today in Superior Outdoor Services.

Today, Dan has a fleet of landscape maintenance equipment and a crew as dedicated to turning lawns into masterpieces as he is.  If you’re looking for the best residential and commercial lawn care in Cedarburg, get in touch with Superior Outdoor Services.

Grass So Lush, You’ll Want To Go Barefoot

Is your yard a wasteland of weeds and browned out patches because you just don’t have time to take care of it? Let Superior Outdoor Services go to work on it. We will transform it into the lush, green oasis you want it to be. Besides creating green, healthy lawns, we also do mowing, edging, mulching (delivery and installation) and seasonal yard cleanups.

Check Out Some of Our Most Popular Services

Lawn and Grounds Maintenance Services

Commercial Snow Removal Services

If you run a business in the Cedarburg area, you’d probably like to stay in business. That means keeping the sidewalks and parking areas cleared of snow over the winter. For that, you can count on Superior Outdoor Services. Because we’re just a hop, skip and a jump down I-43 in Brown Deer, we can get to Cedarburg quickly—and get to work clearing the snow.

Superior Outdoor Services will plow your parking lot, snowblow your sidewalks and salt down steps and walkways to make sure your property is passable and safe. You don’t want anyone slipping and falling, right? A plowed and salted property is your best defense against a slip and fall lawsuit alleging you were negligent in properly clearing your property of snow.

Residential Snow Removal Services

Anyone living in Cedarburg or the southern end of Ozaukee County needs to give serious thought to hiring a snow removal service that’s nearby. Because we’re in nearby Brown Deer, we can make it up to Cedarburg in no time. If it’s an all-day snowstorm and it’s really piling up after we clear your driveway, we’ll even come out a second time.

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