Fertilization services in Milwaukee County's North Shore and surrounding areas

Fertilization Services for Milwaukee County’s North Shore

Fertilization Services Mequon WIWe Take The Work Out Of Getting A Green, Healthy Lawn.

Your lawn and garden are the outward representation of your home or business. You want your flowers to bloom, your trees to be strong, and your grass full and green. But you don't necessarily want to spend all your free time doing the work to make all this happen.

The answer to your landscaping woes, and your direct path to a barefoot quality lawn, is professionally applied fertilizer. The skilled Milwaukee lawn care experts at Superior Outdoor Services know what fertilizer blend to put down, how much to put down and when to put it down for the best results.

It doesn't take long to see the results of fertilization. Our experienced lawn care professionals apply different blends of fertilizer as needed throughout the growing season to ensure neat, even growth. Before long, you'll see a noticeable improvement in your lawn.

We provide fertilization services for areas surrounding:

Professionally Applied Fertilizer = A More Beautiful Yard

Barefoot quality grass

Grass so lush and soft you'll want to go barefoot!

This summer, stay ON the grass! You'll love being able to stand, run, sit and roll on your luscious, barefoot-quality lawn. Your yard is more than an aesthetic complement to your house, it is a delightful escape just steps away from your home.

Grass and plants often struggle without fertilizer. Soil has limited amounts of the essential macronutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. In many cases, these vital nutrients may be almost completely depleted due to soil compaction and water runoff. Fertilizer gets these nutrients to your plants, increasing their growth rate and health. Your lawn and plants will look beautiful!

To get an idea of what your yard can look like with a little TLC and regular fertilization from our lawn care professionals, take a look at our Landscaping Gallery. Superior Outdoor Services offers professionally applied fertilization services throughout the growing season to keep your lawn and flowerbeds looking healthy and bright.

Contact our Superior fertilizing professionals right now for more information on fertilization or to schedule a lawn care evaluation in Northern Milwaukee County.

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