Weed Control Services in Milwaukee County’s North Shore

Weed Control Services in Milwaukee County’s North Shore

Wisconsin Lawn Care Rids Your Yard of Invasive Weeds

Weeds in your lawn or landscape are not only unsightly, but dangerous for your yard. Unmanaged weeds take up space in the soil and absorb nutrients meant for your grass or plants. As weeds are left untreated, they spread like wildfire throughout your landscape. Your once beautiful yard will quickly become an unsightly mess.

Superior Outdoor Services provides exceptional lawn care services in Milwaukee and Ozaukee Counties. We can provide regular weed control services to keep your yard from being overrun.

Most Common Types of Weeds in Southeastern Wisconsin

There are a wide variety of weed types found in Wisconsin yards. They can be split up into three main categories:

Annual Weeds

Annual weeds grow fully within one year or less. There are two types of annual weeds: summer-annual and winter-annual. The summer-annual weeds pose a threat to plants or crops planted in the spring, while winter-annual weeds are a threat to plants or crops planted in the fall.

These weeds are spread by seed. Typically, the seed is brought in by birds or animals. Sometimes they spread through self-seeding.

Regular weeding will help you keep the spreading of annual weeds under control.

Wild Buckwheat Wild Buckwheat Cocklebur Cocklebur Ladysthumb Smartweed Ladysthumb Smartweed Common Lambsquarters Common Lambsquarters
Wild Radish Wild Radish Smooth Pigweed Smooth Pigweed Redroot Pigweed Redroot Pigweed Purslane Purslane
Wild Mustard Wild Mustard Horseweed Horseweed Shepherds Purse Shepherds Purse Field Pennycress Field Pennycress
Velvetleaf Velvetleaf Jimson Weed Jimson Weed Prickly Lettuce Prickly Lettuce Smallflower Galinsoga Smallflower Galinsoga
Bur Cucumber Bur Cucumber Common Ragweed Common Ragweed

Biennial Weeds

Biennial weeds are typically not as much of a problem as annual weeds. Since these weeds take two years to grow, they are usually taken care of during cultivation. If you plant a lot of perennial crops, you may have some issues with biennial weeds.

Burdock Burdock Musk Thistle Musk Thistle Plumeless Thistle Plumeless Thistle Bull Thistle Bull Thistle

Perennial Weeds

Perennial weeds are much more difficult to remove than annual or biennial weeds. These weeds take hold in your lawn and grow deep roots. They can continue growing even if just the roots are left in the ground. You need to have the entire weed taken out to keep it from spreading. These weeds also last much longer than other types and can keep growing back year after year if not taken care of properly.

Horsetail Horsetail Curly Dock Curly Dock White Cockle White Cockle Yellow Rocket Yellow Rocket
Hoary Allysum Hoary Alyssum Leafy Spurge Leafy Spurge Hemp Dogbane Hemp Dogbane Common Milkweed Common Milkweed
Field Bindweed Field Bindweed Hedge Bindweed Hedge Bindweed Horsenettle Horsenettle Canada Thistle Canada Thistle
Perennial Sow Thistle Perennial Sow Thistle Dandelion Dandelion

Keep Your Landscape Healthy

No matter what type of weeds you have growing in your yard, Superior Outdoor Services is here to help. Let our weed removal experts rid your yard of pesky weeds and prevent more from popping up.

Contact North Shore Milwaukee County weed control specialists at Superior Outdoor Services for more information.

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