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Lawn Care and Snow Removal in the Milwaukee Area

We'll deliver meticulous yard maintenance and snow removal. You'll forget yard work even exists.

Superior Outdoor Services provides the best lawn care and snow removal services in Southeastern Wisconsin from Milwaukee’s Northshore to Ozaukee County’s Grafton.

We work tirelessly to ensure your yard is in top shape all year and your driveway stays clear all winter. Seasonal service contracts are available! We’ll mow your lawn as frequently as you want and plow snow after each snowfall. You can even request work while we’re at your home. If we’re in the middle of mowing your lawn and you notice the gutters are clogged or the trees need pruning, just pop outside and let us know. We’ll happily assist you.

Our crews are highly detail-oriented, whether we’re:

Superior Outdoor Services lives up to the name - we do better yard care.

For the highest-quality, professional lawn care services in Milwaukee County's North Shore, you want Superior Outdoor Services on the job.

From lawn cutting and fertilization to mulching, and all the finishing touches in between, Superior Outdoor Services goes above and beyond the typical lawn care company. We deliver the absolute best in yard work services, custom-tailored to your precise needs.

Our landscapers are experienced, respectful and diligent. When Superior Outdoor Services is on the job, your lawn will never be neglected. We always arrive on time, perform our services with professionalism and attention to detail, and leave our customers thrilled with the results.

The price is right for consistent and proper workmanship.

Glendale Lawn Care Service

You may be tempted to do it yourself or go with the cheapest service around, but once you see the quality of a Superior Outdoor lawn, you won’t be able to settle for anything less—not to mention all the extra leisure time you’ll enjoy! When you use Superior Outdoor Services, your neighbors will be seeing green whenever they lay eyes on your freshly groomed lawn. You deserve to take pride in the beauty and comfort of your property, and you can rely on Superior Outdoor Services to provide you with the landscape of your dreams.

All Season Lawn Care in North Shore Milwaukee County and Ozaukee County

Superior Outdoor Services offers the best seasonal lawn care services including:

Superior Outdoor Services is hard at work, handling yards of all shapes and sizes with ease.

We also offer other services to keep your entire yard looking great. Whether you need mulch delivery and application or shrub pruning, you can have your lawn looking exactly the way you want it with the help of Superior Outdoor Services.

Residential and commercial properties benefit from the A-list lawn care services thanks to our professional grounds maintenance team. Impress your neighbors and guests with Superior Outdoor Services!

Give your yard and plants the care they deserve, call us today.

Schedule lawn care services near the North Shore area of Milwaukee County today. Quick quotes: 414-748-0111.

Snow Removal Services Brown Deer

Go From Snowed In To Plowed Out With Superior Snow Removal Services

Snow Removal Services featured on Fox 6 Milwaukee.

Milwaukee’s North Shore area and parts of Ozaukee County enjoy beautiful views of Lake Michigan and also get hit hard by lake effect snowstorms. While inland areas might get a dusting of a couple of inches, areas like Grafton, Fox Point, and the northeast side of Mequon can accumulate a foot of snow in no time at all. This winter, give your back a break and let the professionals at Superior Outdoor Services take the pain out of snow removal

Be prepared! Check out Wisconsin Winter Weather Predictions.

Best Snow Removal Services in Southeastern Wisconsin

Whether you’re the owner of a long driveway, a small business, or responsible for making sure a huge parking lot is cleared before employees and customers arrive, Superior Outdoor Services can provide you with the snow plowing services you need for your home or business. Enjoy the beautiful snowfall without worry, thanks to our trusted and reliable snow removal services for residents North Shore Milwaukee County and Southern Ozaukee County. You no longer have to dread hearing predictions for several inches (or several feet) of snow! Superior Outdoor Services’ residential and commercial snow plowing, ice control and salting, snow relocation, and driveway and sidewalk clearing make winter manageable again for everyone.

Ice Removal and Management for Commercial Properties

Ice can be a dangerous liability on your property, but Superior Outdoor Services is here to give you peace of mind. We thoroughly salt commercial parking lots after clearing snow to keep you, your family, and your customers safe from slips and falls that could lead to severe injury.

Instead of spending this winter wondering how to break up or melt ice stuck on your parking lot, choose Superior Outdoor Services to make driving and parking safe again for your customers and colleagues. You don’t need to spend hours laboring outside after work. With Superior Outdoor Services, you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your part by calling our professional crew to take snow and ice safely out of your way.

The Right Equipment For The Job, And The Right People

One thing we learned a long time ago: You can’t do quality work without quality equipment. Or a quality crew. It’s as true for snow removal as it is for landscaping.

Superior Outdoor Services has officially been caring for lawns and removing snow north of Milwaukee for more than a decade now. We’ve plowed through blizzards, snowstorms, and the challenging conditions of lake effect snow. Wisconsin’s surprisingly intense summers have even threatened the very survival of some of our customers’ lawns, but Superior Outdoor Services has prevailed.

Superior Outdoor Services is equipped with reliable and well-maintained snow removal and lawn care fleet. Our operations are handled by capable professionals working with machines engineered to tackle mountains of heavy snow and mow through miles of overgrown lawns. Our dedicated team is committed to doing a great job for every one of our customers. No matter the size or condition of your property, we’ll deliver the lawn care and snow removal services you need: on time, every time.

For superior snow removal services throughout the North Shore area of Milwaukee, contact our snow plow professionals, or call 414-748-0111.
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