Lawn care services in Bayside

Bayside, WI Lawn Care and Snow Removal Service For Homes and Businesses

Lawn Maintenance for Bayside, WIBased in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, Superior Outdoor Services serves Bayside and the northern suburbs of Milwaukee, as well as the southernmost areas of Ozaukee County.

Superior Outdoor Services is the result of owner Dan Frazin’s lifelong obsession with lawns. Growing up in North Shore Milwaukee County, Dan mowed grass and did yard work over summer breaks from school. The quality of his work and his dependability quickly earned him a reputation as the kid to call. That same attention to detail lives on today in Superior Outdoor Services.

Over the years, Dan has built up his business with quality equipment and a crew that shares his passion for yard care. He's now added winter services like snow removal, sidewalk & driveway clearing, and ice control to make sure those same yards and business lots are cared for all year long! For the best residential and commercial lawn care and snow removal services in Bayside, get in touch with Superior Outdoor Services.


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Dreaming Of Barefoot Quality Grass? Step This Way.

Believe it or not, a lush, green lawn really is possible.  All it takes is regular weed control, aeration and fertilization. And Superior Outdoor Services does it all. Hire us to take care of your lawn and it won’t be long before you’re kicking off your shoes and going barefoot.

Lawn and Grounds Maintenance Services

Commercial Snow Removal ServicesSnowplowing & Removal services for Bayside businesses

Whether you manage a mall with hundreds of acres of a parking lot or a small business with a few parking spots off to the side of your building, you can count on Superior Outdoor Services to keep it passable over the winter months. We’re based in nearby Brown Deer, so when the snow falls we can get to your Bayside business quickly.

Besides keeping your business open for business, snow removal is a must for any business owner looking to avoid a slip and fall lawsuit. All it takes is for one litigious customer to take a spill on a slippery sidewalk and you can be facing a personal injury lawsuit. Why risk it? Superior Outdoor Services will plow your lots, clear your sidewalks and put down salt to keep your property passable and safe.

Residential Snow Removal Services

If you live in the North Shore Milwaukee County area, or the southern tip of Ozaukee County, it’s a good idea to have a snow removal service in the same area as you. Our location in nearby Brown Deer makes it easy to get to Bayside and other North Shore areas quickly. With Superior Outdoor Services, you won’t be stuck waiting ‘til 6:30 pmSnowblowing, shoveling, and icing for Bayside and Ozakee County Residents to get your driveway cleared.

Snow Removal Ordinances in Bayside

Staying current on Bayside snow removal ordinances can help you avoid unwanted costs and penalties this winter. Local city ordinances require Bayside residents to deposit snow from sidewalks and driveways on the property it was removed from. Depositing snow on public streets or walkways can land you with a violation.

Read the full Bayside snow removal ordinances to make sure your snow removal is handled properly.

Affordable Snow Removal Services in Bayside

Don’t spend hours shoveling and worrying about where you can put excess snow. The Bayside snow removal team at Superior Outdoor Services will clear your sidewalks, driveways and parking lots for you. We deposit your snow according to Bayside snow removal ordinances. Whether you need your property snow-free for a big event, plan on going out of town, or hate shoveling, our fast and affordable snow removal can be scheduled as a one-time or recurring service.

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