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Brown Deer, Wisconsin Landscaping And Snow Removal Service

Superior Lawn Maintenance & Snow Removal Services For Brown Deer, WI

 Brown Deer, WI Lawn Care ServiceBased right in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, Superior Outdoor Services is about as local as it gets. Owner Dan Frazin grew up right in the area. If you’re a long-time resident, maybe you remember him mowing neighbors’ yards over summer breaks from school. The same dependability and attention to detail the young Dan was known for lives on in Superior Outdoor Services.

 Today, Superior Outdoor Services offers professional, affordably priced lawn care & snow removal services throughout North Shore Milwaukee County. With quality equipment and a crew as dedicated to creating beautiful lawns as Dan is, Superior Outdoor Services is your best choice for residential and commercial lawn care in Brown Deer. 

Is your lawn currently under a few inches of snow? Superior provides snow removal services such as driveway clearing, parking lot snow plowing, and sidewalk salting for Brown County residents and businesses. 


Barefoot Quality Grass: Brought To You By Superior Outdoor Services

Dreaming of a lush, green lawn? The kind that makes you want to just kick off your shoes and go barefoot? With regular weed control, aeration and fertilization, you’ll enjoy barefoot quality grass like so many others who trust Superior Outdoor Services for their grounds maintenance.

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Lawn and Grounds Maintenance Services

Commercial Snow Removal Services for Brown Deer, WI ResidentsSnow plowing, snow removal for businesses in Brown Deer, WI

Snow is only pretty when you’re a kid. For business owners, it’s particularly nasty. On top of everything else you have to deal with, you have to mess with shoveling snow or firing up the snow thrower so customers can get into your business without slipping and falling.

Fortunately for you, Superior Outdoor Services is based right in Brown Deer. When the snow is coming down, we can get to your business quickly—and even come back later in the day if it’s an all-day snowstorm.

These days, no business can risk being sued out of existence because someone slipped and fell on a snow-covered sidewalk. Don’t take chances. Hire Superior Outdoor Services for the winter season. We’ll plow your lots, clear your sidewalks and put down salt to keep your property cleared and your customers safe.

Residential Snow Removal Services for Brown Deer

You know those days when you wake up to a foot of snow in the driveway? This is exactly why it’s a good idea to have a snow removal service in the same area as you. Because we’re right in Brown Deer, we can get you quickly when the snow comes down.

Brown Deer Snow Removal Ordinances

Keep your Brown Deer property safe and avoid unnecessary expenses this winter by reviewing local city ordinances on snow removal. As a property owner in Brown Deer, snow removal ordinances require you to keep all sidewalks bordering your property clear and de-iced.  If ice cannot be removed, snow removal ordinances require you to use sand, salt or another abrasive material.

Review the full Brown Deer Snow removal ordinances to avoid penalties this winter.Snow shoveling and removal for Brown Deer homes

Hassle-Free Snow Removal in Brown Deer

Don’t stress over snow and ice removal. The Brown Deer snow removal professionals at Superior Outdoor Services will keep your sidewalks, driveways and parking lots up to city ordinance standards. Whether you’re planning a trip or don’t want to spend hours hunched over a shovel, our Brown Deer snow removal team provides one-time and recurring services at affordable prices.

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