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Fox Point, WI Lawn Care And Snow Removal Service For Homes And Businesses

Best Fox Point Commercial & Residential Lawn CareIf you live in Fox Point or own a business in the area, Superior Outdoor Services is your local alternative to the big franchise lawn maintenance operations. Virtually right next door in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, Superior Outdoor Services limits its service area to North Shore Milwaukee County and the southern tip of Ozaukee County (Cedarburg and Grafton).

Growing up in the nearby Brown Deer area, Superior Outdoor Services owner Dan Frazin spent his summers mowing lawns and pulling weeds. Word got around fast that he could be counted on to do a great job at a fair price, and every summer there was more work for him. Dan never suspected back then his summer job would turn into a business, but when you’re good at something there’s just no denying destiny.

Today, Superior Outdoor Services offers a full range of landscape maintenance services, as well as snow and ice removal services in the winter. The same qualities of dependability and attention to detail that made little old ladies want to pinch Dan’s cheek and bring him a cold lemonade live on in Superior Outdoor Services.

Lush, Green Lawns: A Superior Outdoor Services Specialty

If you’re wishing your yard could be lush and green instead of the crunchy brown embarrassment it currently is, Superior Outdoor Services will make it happen. With regular weed control, aeration and fertilization, you’ll soon be indulging the urge to kick off your shoes and socks and wriggle your toes in the green, green grass of home.

Check Out Some of Our Most Popular Services

Lawn and Grounds Maintenance Services

Commercial Snow Removal ServicesProfessional snow removal services for Fox Point businesses

Besides having a fleet of pickup trucks, Bobcats and snow throwers, Superior Outdoor Services has the commitment it takes to hit the road early in the morning and clear snow from your parking lots, sidewalks and stairs. Since we’re right next door to Fox Point, getting there isn’t much of a problem.

In addition to plowing and shoveling, we also put down salt to prevent any melting snow from freezing up and causing a slip and fall accident. Why risk getting sued into oblivion over an unkempt sidewalk?  Let the pros at Superior Outdoor Services handle your snow removal over the winter.

Residential Snow Removal Services

Unlike some of the big snow removal outfits, Superior Outdoor Services is a local business dedicated to serving homeowners in Fox Point, the North Shore Milwaukee County area and the southern tip of Ozaukee County. Because we’re based in Brown Deer, we can get to Fox Point and nearby areas quickly, and even come back a second or third time if it’s an all-day blizzard.

Affordable, dependable and thorough, Superior Outdoor Services is the local snow removal service Fox Point residents can count on.

Fox Point Snow Removal Ordinances

Avoid penalties from improper snow removal by staying up-to-date on your local city ordinances. Fox Point snow removal ordinances require excess snow Shoveling, icing, and full snow removal services for Fox Point homesto be deposited on the property it came from. Snow may not be placed on or plowed across the village streets.

Read the full Fox Point snow removal ordinances to make sure your snow removal is done correctly.

Professional Snow Removal Services in Fox Point

Let the Fox Point snow removal professionals at Superior Outdoor Services handle all snow removal for you. From one-time snow removal services large snowstorms to recurring services every time the snowflakes fall, our services are efficient and always in accordance with Fox Point snow removal ordinances. We perform affordable snow removal services in Fox Point to save you time and hassle. Let us deal with the shoveling so you can get back to enjoying your winter.

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