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Everyone loves a lush, green lawn. For homeowners, it’s a source of pride and an enjoyable place for children to play. For businesses, it instantly takes you up a couple of notches in a prospective customer’s mind. But getting a yard to look great is no small feat. Very few property owners have the time to nurture a lawn to its full potential. That’s where Superior Outdoor Services come in. With professional equipment and knowledgeable lawn care experts, we keep grass healthy and looking great.

While you can hire a neighborhood kid to mow your yard over the summer, most neighborhood entrepreneurs lack the equipment to handle large yards. And it’s almost a guarantee they have no experience or equipment for aerating and fertilizing lawns or diagnosing and solving lawn problems. We do. Consider, too, the potential for problems if a youngster mowing your grass is injured on your property in the line of duty.

Over the years, Dan has built up his business with quality equipment and a crew that shares his passion for yard care. He's now added winter services like snow removal, sidewalk & driveway clearing, and ice control to make sure those same yards and business lots are cared for all year long! For the best residential and commercial lawn care and snow removal services in Bayside, get in touch with Superior Outdoor Services.

Lush, Barefoot-Quality Lawns: Be the best on the block!

When you hire Superior Outdoor Services to take care of your lawn, that’s just what we do. We know what lawns need to thrive, and we take a lot of pride in turning neglected, browned-out yards into beautiful, green lawns. If all you want is for us to mow, and maybe edge your landscaping, we can do that. But we also aerate, fertilize, mulch landscaped areas, and treat for insects that can damage (and even destroy) your lawn. You will have a healthier, better-looking yard when you have us taking care of it.

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Commercial Snow Removal Services for Glendale, WI ResidentsSnowplowing, snow removal services for Glendale businesses

Have you heard about the Milwaukee business that gave all it’s employees a snow shovel and had them shovel out the company parking lot whenever it snowed in order to save money? Of course, you haven’t. Because nothing of the sort ever happened.

Hiring a snow removal contractor is just one of the costs of doing business in Wisconsin. Come winter, there are plenty of guys out there with a plow blade on their pickup looking for driveways to clear. But if you run a business, you need a professional crew—preferably not too far from your business. In the Glendale area, Superior Outdoor Services is an excellent choice.

From our home base in Brown Deer, we’re close enough to get to your Glendale business before your employees arrive and thorough enough to come back later in the day if it’s a major snowstorm and you need additional snow removal. We clear parking lots, sidewalks and walkways, and also put down salt and de-icer anywhere employees and customers might slip and fall.

Residential Snow Removal Services in Glendale

It’s 6 am and you wake up to a foot of snow in your driveway. Beautiful, sure, but what a hassle. You manage to snowplow your car through the drifts so you can get to work, but in the back of your head, you’re dreading having to clear your driveway when you get home. Unless, of course, you’ve hired Superior Outdoor Services for winter snow removal.

Based in nearby Brown Deer, we’re close enough to Glendale to get to your home quickly and get the job done. We’re affordable, dependable and do a thorough job on driveways and sidewalks. The only thing we don’t do is put down salt or de-icing agents—but that’s only because we don’t want to take a chance your pet samples something and get sick from it.

Unlike the neighborhood kids going door to door with snow shovels to earn money for their next PlayStation game, we are snow removal professionals with heavy-duty, reliable equipment: plows, snow throwers, Bobcats and, yes, even shovels. We do a great job clearing snow for homeowners and snow removal and icing services for Fox point homes and residentsbusinesses throughout Milwaukee’s North Shore communities.

We work on a contract basis for homeowners and businesses, but also will clear driveways on an as-needed basis. Of course, our regular contract customers get first priority, so it’s worth considering signing a seasonal contract.

Glendale Snow Removal Ordinances

Avoid penalties this winter by reviewing local snow removal ordinances. If you own property in Glendale, you are required to clear snow and ice from all sidewalks and curb ramps within 24 hours after a snowfall.  Failure to clear sidewalks can cost you—read the full Glendale snow removal ordinances to learn about fees and penalties.

Schedule Affordable Snow Removal in Glendale

Going out of town? Have a large property? The Glendale snow removal professionals at Superior Outdoor Services can keep you penalty-free this winter. Schedule our affordable snow removal services while you’re away or stay cozy all winter with our seasonal contract. Every snowfall, our Glendale snow removal team will clear your home or commercial property of snow and ice, satisfying all snow removal ordinances.

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