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Grafton lawn care service for commercial & residentialMowing. Trimming. Edging. Putting down mulch. Getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. All the while wondering where your relaxing weekends went. That’s no way to spend the summer. And it doesn’t have to be when you have Superior Outdoor Services handling your landscape maintenance.

Superior Outdoor Services provides professional grounds management services for both homeowners and businesses throughout Grafton and nearby south Ozaukee County. From mowing services or mulch delivery to aerating, fertilizing and treating for insects, we give the grass the TLC it needs to thrive. If you like lush, green lawns—the kind that beckons you to kick off your shoes and walk barefoot on them—you need Superior Outdoor Services.

Over the years, Dan has built up his business with quality equipment and a crew that shares his passion for yard care. He's now added winter services like snow removal, sidewalk & driveway clearing, and ice control to make sure those same yards and business lots are cared for all year long! For the best residential and commercial lawn care and snow removal services in Bayside, get in touch with Superior Outdoor Services.

Lush Lawns, Gorgeous Grounds: Get Superior Outdoor Services Started  On Yours Today!

Whether you’re a Grafton area homeowner or business owner, a nice looking lawn is almost a necessity—unless you don’t mind being ostracized by your neighbors and shunned by prospective customers. Sure, you can get away with putting down a truckload of white landscaping stones for a front yard in Arizona, but Grafton folks don’t go for that kind of slacking off. Get with the program. Hire Superior Outdoor Services and get your yard looking great.

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Lawn and Grounds Maintenance Services

Commercial Snow Removal Services

There’s one thing we can all count on in Wisconsin every winter—snow. For anyone over the age of about 11, there’s little magic to behold in the stuff. Unless your business involves the sale or rental of ski equipment, snow is nothing but a headache. It can also cost you business, especially if employees and customers can’t even get into your parking lot.Commercial business snow removal services in Grafton and Ozakee County

Which is why you’re going to make sure that doesn’t happen this year. You’re going to contract with Superior Outdoor Services for snow removal. We’ll clear your lots, your sidewalks, your walkways, your steps…even put down snow melting salt to help keep your people and passersby vertical. And because we’re based in nearby Brown Deer, we’ll get to your Grafton area business in a timely manner.

Residential Snow Removal Services

Remember when you were a child and woke up to a winter wonderland of white coating everything? Neither do we. Fact is, years of being clobbered by snow tend to change your perspective a bit. Unless you’re a skier or a snowman builder aficionado, big snowfall is nothing but a nuisance. Fortunately, though, our snow removal crews are here for Grafton and south Ozaukee County.

As experienced, even grizzled, snow removal pros we have all the equipment it takes to plow driveways and parking lots, snow blow sidewalks and even shovel out front porches, back stoops, and walkways in the yard so Fido can go potty. The only thing we don’t do is put down de-icing agents—we just can’t take the chance your pet will gobble some down and get sick.

Don’t be the hapless guy or gal flailing away with a shovel in subzero temps because you couldn’t find anyone to clear your driveway. Contact Superior Outdoor Services today to sign on for seasonal snow removal services—while we still have openings.Shoveling and snowplowing snow removal services for Grafton residents

Grafton Snow Removal Ordinances

You can spend hours keeping sidewalks shoveled and de-iced to local city ordinance standards this winter. As a property owner, Grafton snow removal ordinances require you to keep sidewalks clear within 24 hours after a snowfall. Failure to keep sidewalks clear can land you with a written notice or worse—expenses. Review the full Grafton snow removal ordinances to keep your sidewalks safe and avoid penalties this winter.

Affordable Snow Removal Services in Grafton

Save yourself hours of shoveling by contacting the Grafton snow removal professionals at Superior Outdoor Services. Our snow removal team arrives promptly at your Grafton home or business and clears sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots at affordable prices. We ensure your property will satisfy local snow removal ordinances.

Need your property cleared for a special event? Schedule one-time services or take advantage of our seasonal contract and have our Grafton snow removal team keep your property clear all winter. Glendale, WI Lawn Care | Snow Removal | Grounds MaintenanceGlendale, WI Lawn Care | Snow Removal | Grounds Maintenance

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