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Hiring a Lawn Care Service vs DIY Lawn Care

While all home and business owners all want a beautiful lawn, they may take a different path to get there. Some tackle their own lawn care and others hire a lawn care service to do the work for them. If you’re deciding which option is best for you, consider the costs and benefits of both. The experts at Superior Outdoor Services can help you make an informed decision.

Benefits of Professional Landscaping
DIY vs professional lawn care in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Save Time: Hiring a lawn care service means no work for you!

Professional Equipment & Products: A lawn care company gets access to premium products and high-grade equipment. You won’t have to worry about faulty products or expensive equipment repair costs.

Best Results: Hiring professionals means guaranteed results. Lawn care experts have the experience, products, equipment, and knowledge needed to ensure your lawn stays healthy.

Right Solutions for Tricky Problems: It can be difficult to diagnose certain lawn issues. Then you have to treat it effectively. Misdiagnosing problems means wasting money on the wrong products while your lawn continues suffering.

Pros & Cons of DIY Lawn Maintenance

With the explosion of DIY, many people consider taking on residential yard maintenance themselves. Consider the positives and negatives of DIY before trying to handle lawn care on your own.

Cheaper: The most common reason people think about DIY lawn care is so they don’t have to spend money on a professional lawn care company. While initially, DIY lawn care will likely save you money, it’s oftentimes more expensive long-term. Making a maintenance mistake or using low-quality lawn care equipment can damage your lawn, hurting your wallet in the long-run. While you save on labor costs, you also need to consider the value of your own precious time.

Fitness Benefits: Pushing a mower and completing other lawn care activities can be an easy way to get active.


Time Commitment: Consider how valuable your free time is. Lawn care is time-consuming, especially for beginners. Remember that quality DIY lawn care will require multiple runs to the store, premium equipment, and lots of cleanups. If there are other hobbies you’d rather spend your time doing, hand off the work to a trusted lawn care company.

Equipment Investment: DIY lawn care requires basic equipment and room to store it. If you’re looking for quality results, you’ll need to invest in top-grade lawn care equipment.

A Lackluster Lawn: Most people don’t have commercial grade equipment or experienced labor. DIYers often have to experiment with their yard before finding the right solution for problems such as broadleaf weeds and grub control. This not only drives up costs but is taxing on your yard. Professionals offer a variety of health-boosting services, like aeration and fertilization, that many inexperienced homeowners don't consider.

Hidden Costs: DIYers often don’t consider that something will go wrong. Without experienced oversight, problems often arise that property owners don’t know how to solve. As the problem grows, so does the price to fix it.

Don't Hire the Wrong CompanyProfessional yard work & lawn maintenance service in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

A cut-rate company won’t provide many of the previously mentioned benefits. Make sure you hire a knowledgeable, experienced lawn care service. Superior Outdoors Services knows the ins and outs of lawn care, from weed control to dethatching.

For Best Results, Choose Wisconsin’s Lawn Care Experts 

In the end, there are more benefits to choosing a professional lawn care company. When you look past the upfront cost, a lawn care service not only saves time but will likely save money in the long run. The key is to choose the right company. The lawn care experts at Superior Outdoor use commercial grade products and equipment. A beautiful lawn can be a huge factor in perceived property value. Hiring our professionals is an investment in your property.

Superior Outdoor Services offers landscaping services throughout Mequon, Ozaukee, Milwaukee & Milwaukee’s North Shore.

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