Dethatching Services in Milwaukee North Shore and Ozaukee County

Dethatching Services in Milwaukee County’s North Shore and Ozaukee County

Superior Lawn Care Services

Dethatching services in Milwaukee and Ozaukee County

Superior Outdoor provides all types of lawn care services to ensure your lawn stays healthy all year. Our lawn aeration and dethatching services will help nutrients get to the roots of your grass, keeping it lush and barefoot-friendly.

What is Dethatching?

Dethatching brings the excess layer of thatch in your lawn and moves it to the surface, allowing nutrients to get to the roots of your grass. The thatch layer is between the two layers of grass, under the blades and just above the layer of roots.

Thatch is naturally occurring, but too thick of a layer is dangerous for grass as it keeps water, air and other nutrients from reaching the roots. Dethatching essentially tears out part of the thatch layer and brings the organic matter to the surface, exposing it to necessary nutrients.

What Causes Thatch Formation?

Causes of disproportionate thatch formation include:

If your lawn needs dethatching, call the North Shore Milwaukee County dethatching experts at Superior Outdoor Services right away and get a head start on saving your lawn!

Why is Dethatching Important?

If you want to keep your lawn healthy for as long as possible, dethatching and other forms of lawn aeration are necessary. Thatch buildup prevents air and other useful nutrients from reaching the roots if it gets too thick. Regular lawn maintenance will prevent this. Lawn maintenance services can eliminate or severely reduce the need for dethatching.

Keep your lawn healthy by:

For a healthy lawn, call Superior Outdoor Services and schedule the best lawn care specialists in the North Shore Milwaukee County and Ozaukee County areas!

When Should Dethatching Be Done?

There are a few ways to tell when you should have dethatching done:

The best way to assess your lawn’s thatch layer is to excavate a sample about 3 inches thick and examine the layer just below the blades near the base, if it is more than ¾ of an inch, it’s time to call Superior Outdoor Services.

Lawn Aeration Services for Mequon & Beyond

Dethatching is not the only option for keeping your grass healthy. We also offer lawn aeration as well.

If the thatch is severe but you don’t want to use a dethatcher, aeration is a good choice. Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil and sod, allowing air and water to enter, resulting in a more decomposed and healthier lawn. Aeration is often a more popular choice than dethatching because it can be considerably less stressful on the lawn.

Contact lawn dethatching specialists at Superior Outdoor Services for a quote.

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