Ice Control and Salting for Commercial Properties near Milwaukee

Ice Control and Salting for Commercial Properties near Milwaukee

Winter Services for Businesses in North Shore Milwaukee County and Southern Ozaukee County

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Keep your commercial parking lots and sidewalks ice-free all winter with salting services and other winter services from Superior Outdoor—without having to repeatedly venture out into the cold to do it yourself.

Ice is one of the largest dangers of Wisconsin winters. Black ice is a thin layer of ice that is virtually invisible to drivers and pedestrians. Melting snow can refreeze to form more ice. Temperatures high enough for rain can quickly shift to below freezing. The result is plenty of Wisconsin parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks coated in ice. Ice control and salt de-icing services from Superior Outdoors will prevent the formation of ice at your property.

Schedule snow removal & lawn care services all year long for any commercial property.

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Dangers of Ice at Commercial Properties

Ice creates many winter hazards if not treated. Cars can skid out in parking lots. Pedestrians and slip and fall on sidewalks. If an accident occurs because of ice at your property you could be held liable. Hiring Superior Outdoor to clear ice will reduce the likelihood of these accidents.

Ice Salting for Commercial Spaces

Icy Milwaukee Parking LotSalting a commercial parking lot

We’ll come out and salt at your storefront, office building, rental property, or other business to protect staff, customers, and clients from dangerous falls. Ice can easily hide under fresh snow, so it is important to always be prepared with plenty of salt.

Ice Salting for Religious and Institutional Parking Lots

When you have a lot of people coming and going to your business, you need to keep your property safe in wintertime. Let us take over the chore of salting the parking lot and sidewalks around your church, school, office, or other religious or institutional building.

Ice Salting for Industrial and Manufacturing Lots

A large parking lot can take a while to salt yourself. Stay warm inside while we salt your lot and walkways. We are available when you need us, so we can lay salt at times convenient for your business.

Is De-Icing Salt Bad for Plants?

Ice is more than just a slippery hazard – it can damage your landscaping! Certain plants cannot tolerate salt. If salt pieces come into contact with these plants, they may die or have stunted growth in spring.

Knowing how much salt to use and where to place it can be tricky. Our professional team of ice control specialists knows how to minimize risks to plants from excess salt.

Snow Removal & Winter Services for Wisconsin Businesses

Ice control works best with snow plowing and relocation. Ice can hide under the snow, so plowing is essential to eliminating problem spots. Snow relocation is the removal of plowed snow. These piles can melt and create new ice on sidewalks and driveways. Taking the pile away removes this icy risk.

Ice Control Salting MilwaukeeSalt your sidewalks all winter

Along with ice control, Superior Outdoor provides driveway and sidewalk clearing services in the North Shore area of Milwaukee County and Southern Ozaukee County, including:

Protect your sidewalks and arrange for ice control at your business today.

Contact our Milwaukee ice control professionals for salting services this winter.

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