Lawn Care Services for Milwaukee County’s North Shore

Lawn Care Services for Milwaukee County’s North Shore


We will handle any yard work your home or business requires, including:

Spring Cleanup Services 

To make sure your lawn is looking great all summer, it's paramount to take the proper lawn care preparation in spring. Superior Outdoor Services offers expert spring lawn services for homes and commercial lots. From leaf/debris cleanup & pruning, to mulching & edging, we'll guide you through the process and figure out what services will best help your lawn bloom to it's fullest. 

When prepping your lawn for the season, time is of the essence. Don't wait, contact Superior Outdoors today and get a head start on your yard's health! We incorporate all the below services as needed into our Spring Cleanup Service

Spring Lawn care services in Mequon range from fertilization to mulching


One of the first steps of having the best-looking yard is lawn mowing. Superior Outdoor Services offers exceptional grass cutting services for homes and commercial lots. Mowing your lawn at the right times and on a regular basis will give you stronger, healthier grass.

You might also be restricted to specific grass heights or you can only mow your grass at certain times of the day if you are part of an HOA. This can be a serious inconvenience for homeowners, and can even result in a fine if these regulations are not followed. Let Superior Outdoor Services provide you with detail-oriented lawn mowing services so you don’t have to worry about it.

Lawn care services in Wisconsin range from grass cutting to weed control

Lawn Aeration

Superior Outdoor Services provides lawn aeration services to ensure your grass is getting the proper amount of nutrients it needs to grow healthy.

Our Brown Deer area landscapers use plug aerators to perforate the soil, allowing air, water and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass and making your lawn healthier. Without seasonal aeration, the soil becomes compacted to the point it becomes too dense for water and air to penetrate the surface. The best time to aerate is in spring and fall when the soil is naturally moist.

Plug aerators remove small "plugs" (about 2" deep and a half-inch in diameter) of grass and soil, which is more effective than spike aerators, which simply poke holes into the soil. It may be tempting to rake up the plugs you'll see all over your yard, but they should be left on your lawn because they provide nutrients and microorganisms for your lawn's soil. If you really don't like the look of them, you can rake them into the lawn just by raking them around Wait till they're thoroughly dry and they'll break apart easily. An added benefit of doing this is that you can rake the soil from the plugs into areas of the lawn that may be sunken down so you end up with a more level lawn.

Aeration services provided by Superior Outdoors, the best lawn care in North Shore Milwaukee


Lawn edging gives your lawn a clean, sharp appearance and provides a barrier between the grass and flowerbeds. Lawns can end up looking sloppy without proper edging, and well-defined borders also make it easier to mow properly. Talk to our professional landscaping team about edging material options. If you choose an edging material that rises only slightly above the soil line and is at least six inches wide, we can mow right up to the edge so there is no need to use a weed whacker to trim the stray blades of grass.

Edging Services in Milwaukee County, Lawn Care specialists provide services in Mequon

Leaf Cleanup

No one likes the yearly chore of raking leaves...unless you're a 5-year-old who can't wait to jump into the pile. But the task of raking leaves cannot be neglected. If you just leave all those leaves on your lawn, they'll soon be covered in snow and end up smothering the grass you worked so hard to maintain. We offer professional leaf cleanup services, so you don't have to do it yourself.

Call Milwaukee county's North Shore landscaping experts to get those leaves out of your yard and landscaping before winter.

Grass cutting, aeration, edging, leaf blowing, weed control, and general yard maintenance services near Milwaukee County’s North Shore

Weed Control

It can be frustrating when weeds invade your lawn, garden and flowerbeds. Our professionals will remove existing weeds and apply mulch to keep them at bay. Late summer and early fall are excellent times to remove weeds. During this time of the year, weeds are more vulnerable as they move nutrients gained through photosynthesis to their roots for winter storage and will then more readily absorb herbicide treatment.

We offer the best weed control services in Southeastern Wisconsin to clear up your lawn and prevent more weeds from coming back.

Dethatching Services

We provide professional dethatching services to ensure your lawn is getting the proper nutrients it needs to grow healthy. Dethatching allows nutrients to get to your lawn’s roots by removing the excess layer of thatch. Some thatch is okay, but it begins to cause problems when it becomes too thick. Thatch often forms from too much pesticide use, over-fertilization and frequent, shallow irrigation.

Our lawn care specialists will help you determine what needs to be done for your grass to keep it lush and healthy.

Professional dethatching services in Mequon and the Greater Milwaukee Area

The Yard You Want, Without All the Work

Taking care of a lawn and garden is hard, time-consuming work. You've weighed the pros and cons of professional and DIY lawn care. If you want your yard to have the attention it needs to stay healthy but just don't have the time or energy for it, turn to the best lawn care service in Wisconsin. Our skilled landscapers will make your home or business stand out with beautiful landscape solutions. 

If you’re wondering what your lawn and garden could look like, check out our Landscaping Gallery and see for yourself. Our professional landscaping and grounds maintenance services transform average yards into spectacular yards.

Contact our North Shore Milwaukee lawn care professionals online, or call 414-748-0111 to schedule your landscaping appointment today.
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