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We Bring the Mulch to You For Memorial Day

Mulch Delivery Milwaukee & Ozaukee CountyMulching is practically a rite of spring in Wisconsin. It is usually applied in April or May after the soil has sufficiently thawed and warmed. With Monday, May 27 being Memorial day, it's the perfect time to mulch your budding garden. Planting flowers or trees is the perfect way to commemorate a loved one you miss. If you put in new plants, it’s always a good idea to mulch around them. With fresh mulch, your yard will then be ready for the beautiful summer ahead. Superior Outdoor provides professional mulch delivery and distribution for commercial and residential lawns in Wisconsin. Superior Outdoor also provides many other lawn maintenance services for Southeast Wisconsin residents.

Why Mulching Is A Must

Mulching is one of the easiest ways to improve your property’s aesthetics for an affordable price and with a minimal time commitment. It has many benefits as well, because:

Combined with our weed control and lawn mowing, mulching will keep your yard looking amazing throughout the year.

Commercial Mulch Installation in Southeast Wisconsin

It doesn’t matter if your business has a five-star review online. If your property looks unappealing, people aren’t going to trust your services. Don’t waste your hard work by scaring away clients or customers with an unruly landscape. Schedule a free assessment with one of our grounds maintenance specialists to learn more about our commercial mulch services.

We provide commercial mulching services to any business in the North Shore area:

Contact our top-rated Brown Deer landscaping company for a free quote on your commercial mulch installation.

Organic and Inorganic Mulch

The term “mulch” applies to any material put on soil as a cover. Mulches can be organic-- made from ground-up bark-- or inorganic-- made from rocks, plastic or “weed block” sheeting. While organic mulch enriches soil as it decomposes, the downfall is it needs to be replaced often. The organic mulch cycle is usually two years long, but it varies with weather and soil conditions.

Inorganic mulching material, particularly stones and gravel, will likely outlast your landscaping. The only drawback is that they tend to sink down into the soil over the years and need to be “topped off” to bring the mulched area back up to its original level.

Superior Bark Mulch

Bark Mulch

For residential applications, bark mulch is the most commonly chosen mulch. Not only is it available in small or large chunk varieties, but it’s also offered in a range of woody colors to complement any landscaping or building materials.

 Gravel Mulch

Gravel and stone is a popular choice for commercial landscaping applications, primarily due to its longevity and the way it complements the typical concrete and stone exteriors of commercial structures.           

Straw Mulch

Straw is excellent for use in vegetable gardens and when growing new grass. Not only does it inhibit weed growth and help the soil retain moisture, but it also enriches the soil when tilled into the ground at the end of the growing season.

Gravel-sized mulch is often favored by homeowners in rainy areas or areas with sloping terrain. Hard rain washes organic mulch away, but gravel mulch endures it. Because water rolls down each piece of gravel it nourishes instead of being absorbed as it would with bark mulch. For this reason, many homeowners and business owners prefer pea gravel, volcanic rock and other stone mulching materials over organic mulches. Our team will analyze your lawn to determine which mulch type is best.

How Much Mulch Should Be Put Down?

Mulch at Commercial PropertyIt really depends on the type of mulch used. If the mulch is made of thin or fine particles, such as shredded bark, the layer of mulch should be 2 to 3 inches deep. Going any thicker than this can reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches the roots of your plants.

If the mulch is made of pieces of bark, or even straw, we recommend a layer up to 4 inches deep. Because there are plenty of spaces in between chunks of bark, you need a thicker layer to control weeds, prevent evaporation and provide insulation against cold and heat.

One thing many DIY’ers don’t realize is that you shouldn’t push the mulch right up to the base of the plant or tree. Piling it up against the stem or base will cause the plant to rot. There should always be about 1 to 2 inches of “breathing room” around the plant.


DIY Mulch Application vs Hiring A Landscaping Company

Mulching is a spring tradition in Wisconsin. Mulch is usually applied in April or May after the soil has sufficiently thawed and warmed. Of course, mulch can be spread later in the season, as well, so if you plant new features, mulch around them.

Applying a layer of mulch isn’t difficult, but it is time-consuming and involves a lot of heavy lifting and making multiple trips with a wheelbarrow from the pile of mulch in your driveway to your plantings. If you want to put the mulch down yourself, we offer mulch delivery to your driveway.

Mequon Mulching Service

Pile of Mulch in GarageMany homeowners, inspired to spruce up their yards, have found themselves living with a small mountain of mulch in their driveway for months because they just couldn’t find the time to apply it. If you find yourself in a similar situation, be sure to cover your mulch mound with a tarp to prevent rain from falling on it. Wet mulch takes a long time to dry and, trust us, it’s much heavier. You do NOT want to be shoveling rain-soaked mulch into a wheelbarrow!

Of course, the easiest way to get your landscaping mulched is to let Superior Outdoor Services handle both the delivery and the installation. Our Mequon landscapers will deliver the mulch to your home or business and install it the same day. The difference in your landscaping will be stunning, and your plants will love it, too!

If your plantings would benefit from edging, we can take care of that before we put down mulch. A deep cleanly cut edging around landscaping not only looks sharp, but it also helps keep your lawn from growing into your landscaped areas.

Contact our Wisconsin lawn care company or call (414) 748-0111 for details and pricing on mulching for your home or business. 

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