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Professional Shrub Pruning

Pruning services in Southeastern WisconsinSuperior Outdoor Services knows landscaping is not a plant and forget process. Good landscaping takes time; plants need to be looked after. Our pruning service promotes plant growth and health. Our extensive knowledge of lawn care has given us the insight to which shrubs to prune, and how to prune them.

Wisconsin’s Pruning Experts

Most homeowners try to avoid pruning because they fear they might harm the shrub, while business owners would rather take care of their own yardwork than prune the office landscaping. We carefully prune shrubs on commercial and residential properties to ensure you have beautiful greenery for years to come.

Successful pruning requires skill and impressive agricultural knowledge. Amateur attempts at pruning might adversely affect the shrub. Poorly angled cuts could cause the branch to rot or dry. Cuts made in the wrong place might improperly stunt growth.

When pruning is done properly it will enhance shrub growth, direct growth, and help to shape the tree. Not all shrubs can be pruned the same way, and some need to be pruned at different times.

The pruning professionals at Superior Outdoor Services will ensure your shrubs are immaculately maintained.

The best commercial pruning services in southeast Wisconsin

A client's first impression of your business is important. You can be as welcoming & professional as possible, but if your landscaping is disheveled & unorganized, they have every right to assume your business will be too. Keep your company's trees & shrubs clean & healthy with top rated pruning services from Superior Outdoor Wisconsin. 

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Pruning vs Trimming

Pruning, not to be confused with trimming, involves carefully cutting back shrubs to enhance their form. While trimming is simply cutting shrubs or trees to the desired shape and size, pruning is a more involved task.

Pruning involves cutting off crossed branches, hanging limbs, water sprouts, and heading limbs to influence growth. Trimming might cut the shrub to a desired shape, but pruning shapes the shrub’s growth.

Anybody can trim shrubs and trees, but the pruning experts of Superior Outdoor Services will work to enhance the natural form of your shrubs. We do not offer trimming services.

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