Spring Lawn Cleanup in Southeast Wisconsin

Spring Lawn Services in Mequon 

It’s springtime! The season where the snow melts away and the grass starts to turn green… hopefully. The fact is, a lot of lawns don’t grow to their full, lush potential in the summer because their owners don’t take the proper spring lawn care steps at the beginning of the season! Superior Outdoors provides expert lawn care services that get your lawn off to the best start possible in spring, so you can enjoy the full bounty of your beautiful lawn all summer long! 

How We Care for Your Lawn

Spring Yard CleanupWe start our spring yard cleaning by completing any leftover work from fall that you couldn’t get to before the snow came. We’ll then assess your yard to decide the personalized work it needs. With the right care, your yard will thrive.

Read through some spring lawn care tips to give your yard a head start once the snow melts.

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